About us

Where it Started

 Once I turned 18 and was able to get ink, I started meeting local tattoo artists. After getting a couple pieces of my own art and even did a few tattoos on myself I began looking at people’s ink. Looking at how good their artwork was. I began to Envy some of these beautiful pieces of art. Noticing how talented these artists really are. “They truly have a gift”.

There wasn’t a tattoo apparel brand that really represented me. I created InkEnvy Apparel in 2017 Because I really wanted to bring artist together and represent all who had ink and who didn’t. Spreading positivity with every design.

I meet a lot of people saying I wish I could get a tattoo, but I can’t. It’s typically either work won’t allow it or their afraid of needles. Some of the questions I get having so many tattoos are is why did you do that to yourself? Does it hurt? Aren’t you worried that no one will hire you?

InkEnvy is a brand that is NO Judgements and NO bullying. InkEnvy can be worn by all young, old, men, women, tattooed, not tattooed. We are a brand for all!

Our goal is bringing the community together for all that are tattooed and not tattooed, bringing artist together and getting to know their story. Everyone has a story and let’s come together and share that story.

We continue to look forward to welcoming more artist to be a part of the InkEnvy Family. We welcome more artist to do live interviews with us on our Instagram and you tube.

We will be continuing in adventuring with the conventions within year. We will always be working on more artist designs and continue to grow our apparel brand For Art is never done.

InkEnvy “Spreading positivity with every design.”