Proteam Arist Bisquette Bewley

Proteam Arist Bisquette Bewley


His Journey started in July 1987, When he decided t start tattooing his wife mary Aka Gravy called a local tattoo artist (Rabitt). He invited Bisquette into his home and sat him down to show him where and how to get his first tattoo machine and Inks. Briquettes wife took down notes on how to put stencils on from lining/shading a tattoo and from there he started his career. Now keep in mind he was making his own needle in a needle jig once a week making them to his specs like a 3, 5, and/or 9 made curved mags. During this time most of the tattoo supplies came from Spaulding and Rogers tattoo supply and was not always available. Bisquette had already worked in different mediums of art from oil painting wood burning and engraving so tattoo came very natural from him.Bisquette was bleed with being able to work in several shops like American tribe and managing skin quakes shop in Indiana, He was also able to travel to many tattoo conventions and win multiple awards for his tattoo pieces. He learned what he wanted do to make is shop a success and how he wanted to treat his crew before opening his own shop.

Bisquette believes as a tattoo artist you should always be learning what is new in the industry. You should always try different products and use whats best for you to the best of your abilities. If you are always learning you will succeed as an artist but also in life.

You can find Bisquette as his shop

Vision Quest tattoo shop (Englewood, Fl)

His social media: Facebook (Bisquette69) Instagram (bisquettevision3)

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