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Pro-Team Artist Tkserenity-Kevin)

Kevin Laughton,
       Kevin has always been and artist, But didn't start tattooing until 2012. He loves all tattoo styles but his Favorites are Black and Grey Realism/Scary stuff.
  Kevin has come from a very hard past, he finished his tattoo apprenticeship in 2013 but lost his way and got in to some drugs. In 2015 He lost his brother which is one of the hardest thing to go through. Kevin at this time surrendered to the fact he need help and began recovery. He went to a tech school for motorcycles in 2016 and graduated. He finally got serious about tattoo again in 2018 after getting clean and getting some schooling under his belt. Kevin's Kids and tattoo is his passion, He just celebrated 4 years clean December 2019. Kevin knows what it's like to struggle from addiction so he try's to help others get clean and live a drug free life.  He believes in being the change you want to see in the world.

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