Gary Church

Gary Church


Has been tattooing well over 15 yrs now. Has a strong back ground with custom airbrushing/ painting and body art for 12 years before he even touched his fist "coil" tattoo machine. He used to do a lot of work on airbrushing motorcycles,t shirts, canvas etc. These days he owns a tattoo/airbrush and photography studio called Mad Tatter Studios in Salisbury Beach, Ma.
He gas made airbrushing and tattooing coexist with each other in a business sense and picking up photography along the way. He also does body painting at the studio and at events like Bike-week in Laconia, NH and Fantasy fest in Key West, Fl. So his studio is a little different dealing with all 3. He uses
photography to document and capture their tattoo art and airbrushing (body painting)with a few tattoo clients they consider promo models for the studio in hi res photos for this very purpose you see here. With promo girls we do actual photo shoots, beach, cemetery, waterfall etc. and showcase the tattoo art for
publication or promotion. He tries to be unique and creative with whatever he does. He tries to be versatile and take on all tattoo projects accept for portraits, it's just not his thing. He feels as far as tattooing his strong points
are black and grey wash but he can do color. As far as the type of art he is into he leans more towards the evil/demented side of art. That's from airbrushing motorcycles and stuff, that's how his style just developed. But oddly enough he likes doing floral and nature themed tattoos too. Weird
combination but he likes it. He is learning new things daily and getting better and better with lots of practice and always going out of his comfort zone and paving his own paths forward. One of those paths he is very grateful for is linking up with InkEnvy! We started collaborating together having the promo girls (tattoo clients) do photo shoots in their apparel in a creative, pretty and sometimes
sexy kind of way. Hi res photos to be used in our apparel catalog and to be shared/ published and used for networking helping each other out building both business's by sharing creative photography, awesome ink and really cool designs on clothing designed by actual tattoo artists. He say he appreciates InkEnvy and all the work they have done together and glad to be a member of the Pro Team with this group of amazing artists!! Thanks for reading
Gary Church -Mad Tatter-

Gary can be reached on

facebook @gary.madtatter

Instagram @madtatterartstudios

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